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Working Together

Electronic circuits can be very different if only one parameter differs. For example, the way a 10 kW power supply is designed is completely different from the way a 1 W converter is.

In order to give quantitative values that allow you to assess the expertise you can get by working with us, the figure on the right shows some typical values encountered during the design stages.

For example, a few watts to several kW converters with input and output of a few volts to several hundred of volts, radio frequency devices operating from several meters to hundred of kilometers, radio receiver with less that 20 nV sensitivity and 0,1 ppm long term carrier frequency accuracy, ...

Some companies often hesitate to collaborate with external resources due to the unexpected cost. We already have proposed several cooperation models that match with small and larger companies.

Do not hesitate: loosing the opportunity to work together could cost you more than a few minutes talking about it.

If you think that your product could benefit from our expertise, feel free to contact us by email at info@efficiencyresearch.be.

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